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Edgy and feminine. Elegant and avant garde. Light and dark.


Ecole Primaire is a New York City-made line that embraces the dualities that exist within the strong, modern woman. Utilizing Japanese denim, jersey, and poplin, its raw edges and unfinished details signify a life endured and worn, while its use of beautiful French tulle and ruffle represent the joy and grace that emerge from adversity.


Named for the French term for “primary school,” each collection goes back to the basics and a time when unfettered imaginations ruled. Pieces play with proportion and mix materials, resulting in looks that captivate the eye and unlock the creative spirit within.


Ecole Primaire is the brainchild of Montreal native Anita Da Silva, the daughter of a Portuguese seamstress who loved to overdress her in tulle and ruffles. After receiving a degree in fashion design, she worked in the industry for over 15 years before launching Ecole Primaire. Anita is determined to prove that you can, in fact, wear something denim to the opera.